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The WordPress owners guide to a secure WordPress site – the installation

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012

a Big part of a secure WordPress site can be set at installation. This post will take you through the tweaks that you can make during setup to ensure a secure WordPress installation. Whilst you will not be able to see anything different after making this changes, rest assured that the difference that this changes […]

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The WordPress owners guide to a secure WordPress site – the basics

Tuesday, 09 Oct 2012

One only needs to be hacked once to realize the time and tears involved in getting everything up and running again. Having a secure site depends on the principle that your site security is just as strong as the weakest link. The best way to get your security primed is to start with the basics. […]

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Fleelancers – Know your way around our themes? we can send some work your way.

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2012

We are regularly asked by customers who have found us through the internet to undertake customization for them. This requests ranges from a quick redesign or added functionality to the complete change of a look and feel for the site. With the large volume of customers that we have here at Croma, we are more […]

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Music Theme updated to version 1.4. Background code and music player code updated.

Tuesday, 02 Oct 2012

We are pleased to announce that our music theme have now officially reached version 1.4. Big backgrounds across all devices remains a huge challenge, and this version saw the rewrite of the image background as a top priority. We also tweaked the underlying jQuery player code to improve performance and compatibility across all devices. Herewith […]

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We’re chirping mad, social and enjoying every moment of it. Share in our socialness.

Monday, 01 Oct 2012

After a long time taking a look at all the pro’s and cons of re branding we decided to start fresh with our social profiles and one of the first ones that we are super stoked about is Twitter. We are happy to report that our Twitter profile is up and running smoothly. After the […]

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The cure for the pesky “Call to undefined function get_header()” in your error logs

Thursday, 13 Sep 2012

You’ve set up your site and all is going rosy until you realize that there’s a extra file in your theme folder name error_logs. Opening the file, you find that there’s lines and lines of the same error that’s glaring you in the eye, and you wonder what’s wrong. Is it the theme, or a […]

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How to effectively move your WordPress site from one domain to another

Friday, 07 Sep 2012

One question that we get daily is about the transfer of a WordPress site from one domain to another. When you first think about it it sounds like a scary undertaking, but one fast realize that its a easy move and within an hour or two, you can have a site moved painlessly. The main […]

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Our New video intro have arrived and it’s beautiful, we’re part of an awesome community.

Thursday, 23 Aug 2012

The Envato community truly is a great community, and what’s greater still is that you can get all kinds of creative goodies for your projects, reaching far beyond just the usual themes and templates. This week we had the opportunity to meet a great video composer that assisted us with our new video intro, and […]

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Will that caching plugin really make your website faster (Part 3: beating the bulge)

Thursday, 16 Aug 2012

Moving on with our tutorial series, we’re taking a look at images and why it’s important to give consideration to the way that you upload your images and manage them in your project. In the gallery below we have 4 copies of the same image that were saved in various image formats. All the same […]

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Our Video tutorials get a much needed rework, and rethink

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2012

When we first started our video tutorials, we couldn’t believe the impact that it would have on our buyers understanding of the way that we think about themes and the implementation of the various functionality that we create. WordPress revolutionized the way that cms’s work, and made owning an cms website easy and within reach […]

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