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We’re so hot, we’re practically radioactive – and that’s official.

Monday, 30 Jul 2012

  Over the past year we’ve seen Croma grow with leaps and bounds, offering more than just the normal for industries that needs the exceptional. We’ve focused on customer service ensuring that buyers get their questions answered, and feel one with our product, and we feel proud and humble all at once to say that […]

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Will that caching plugin really make your website faster (Part 2: The problem with your images)

Thursday, 19 Jul 2012

In this part of our series on website management we are looking at the first “problem” that we regularly encounter when assisting with the themes that we sell. As an example of the amount of space that images takes up in a web page, lets examine the components that makes up our Feast theme front […]

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Will that Caching plugin really make your website faster? (Part 1)

Saturday, 07 Jul 2012

I see a lot of caching plugins being used in websites everyday. Apart from SEO plugins, it’s by far the most used type of plugin out there. Installing a caching plugin is a painless operation, its easy to find, few clicks to install and users report immediate relief. Q.E.D in a box, or is it? […]

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Feast theme updated to version 1.4 new features!

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2012

We’ve just had the pleasure of updating the feast theme to the latest version. This update fixes minor bugs in the theme, adds compatibility for WordPress 3.4 and adds the latest version of the Theme Appers Gallery script to the theme. Minor bug fixes Update to the calendar to fix an error of events on […]

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Music WordPress Theme updated to version 1.31

Saturday, 16 Jun 2012

We’ve just released a update to our music WordPress theme. This update fixes a few small bugs and will assist in making our themes easier to install and configure. What to expect. In the music industry, more than any other industry, logos takes more artistic flair and it’s reflected in the shapes and sizes that […]

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We’re frontpage on Themeforest Top Sellers list

Tuesday, 05 Jun 2012
newimg2b have reached the top 50 list of Theme creators on Themeforest. When I started to sell through Themeforest, I was mildly amused by all the badges and lists. In in my eyes this was a serious market place for me, and I’m here to do my trade. Over time however, I became endeared to […]

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From Netstudio to Netlabs to What happened?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Little more than a year ago, I had a flourishing freelance practice and all were going well. I did some amazing coding, flowers bloomed, birds sang in the trees and everything ticked along nicely. At a BBQ I met someone who asked to assist in developing a template for a church. Problem was that they […]

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