My Twitter Widget seems to be updating at a very slow pace or not at all.

We are very exited about the Twitter widget that’s added to our Theme framework because of the fact that it moved away from the norm and looked at the issue of adding twitter in an intelligent way.

Usually When Twitter is contacted, it’s done live, meaning that part of the website rendering process needs to have twitter contacted, waiting for a response and displaying that response.

You do not have to think long and hard to realize, that somewhere this will cause slowness and unresponsiveness.

One thing that we need to keep in mind, is that up to 20% of times that we see twitter contacted it returns an error either because of the huge traffic stream that it is managing, personal api limits that’s being enforced by twitter, and various network errors.

All this is causing a bottleneck that can be avoided.

What makes our twitter widget unique is that it fetches the tweet after the page is fully loaded, and no interference is felt. Secondly it also caches the tweets (saves them) in the database for use later and even if the network is interrupted the tweets are still being shown.

What are the common errors that i should look for?

User errors in setting up that we experience includes the following:

Wrong info added. The following ways of adding your twitter username is wrong

The following is the correct way ie: you should just add your username.


Still looks slow to me

After you ensured that the twitter username is added, just give it a few days to sort the cache and you will see that after the cache was populated properly, the widget will start to work with no problem at all. Other than other widgets this one needs a day or two right in the start to fill and get the cache primed and after that all should work fine even if the twitter network is down.