Will that caching plugin really make your website faster (Part 2: The problem with your images)


In this part of our series on website management we are looking at the first “problem” that we regularly encounter when assisting with the themes that we sell.

As an example of the amount of space that images takes up in a web page, lets examine the components that makes up our Feast theme front page:

From the report generated by Yahoo’s yslow service you’ll see that our front page loads a total of 600kb of which 56% are all images.

To demonstrate our point we took a random sample of one of our buyers sites and ran that through the same service.

We took care to use a site that have the same amount of images and look and feel as our demo  without any additional plugins installed. The result is below:

In the figure above you can  see the site more than doubled with the same amount of images. And how seemingly impossible it might look, we see that every day, and are happy to report that there’s an easy fix for this.

Getting back to our initial claim then it is clear that if you install that caching plugin, but carry an additional 600kb worth of weight in images, the meager benefits that your caching plugin will add, are offset by the amount of “weight” that needs to be downloaded by the browser.

In the next part we’ll show you how this  happens and how to implement easy solutions to cure this.