We’re so hot, we’re practically radioactive – and that’s official.



Over the past year we’ve seen Croma grow with leaps and bounds, offering more than just the normal for industries that needs the exceptional.

We’ve focused on customer service ensuring that buyers get their questions answered, and feel one with our product, and we feel proud and humble all at once to say that somewhere, something worked.

Our business grew and we are thankful to report that we’ve just became one of a handful theme authors that reached the “Plutonium” level of sellers at Themeforest.

Every day, we are humbled by the generosity and friendliness of this great community and are proud to be servicing customers from all over the world.

We want to say a big thank you to all our fans and  buyers and would invite you to step with us into what we refer to as “version 2”.

Starting with our re branding, and continuing with a faster roll out of new themes and also the rework of some of our theme’s functionality into plugins, we trust that our design studio will see its best years still in front of us.