Our Video tutorials get a much needed rework, and rethink


When we first started our video tutorials, we couldn’t believe the impact that it would have on our buyers understanding of the way that we think about themes and the implementation of the various functionality that we create.

WordPress revolutionized the way that cms’s work, and made owning an cms website easy and within reach of everyone, but implementing a piece of software like this is and remain a challenge no matter how you look at it.

We believe that the video tutorials are one of the best ways that one can give back to the community. It’s nothing short of phenomenal to see the big change in new users as soon as they realize the “user patterns” of a new piece of software.

The feedback that we got from our videos was so positive that we decided to redo the video’s and invest more of our time on the video’s to show buyers how we do things.

The video’s are a huge undertaking and will take some time to complete, but we’ll eventually get there and our video library will grow to be quite large.