From Netstudio to Netlabs to What happened?


Little more than a year ago, I had a flourishing freelance practice and all were going well. I did some amazing coding, flowers bloomed, birds sang in the trees and everything ticked along nicely.

At a BBQ I met someone who asked to assist in developing a template for a church. Problem was that they had no budget: not a low budget, not a budget that came in a few months later but no budget.

I prepared to move on when they suggested that I develop a theme for Themeforest, bargaining that the costs would be offset by the additional sales that I made from the theme and the rest is history.

The Church theme did extremely well (almost 1700 copies sold as of writing), which prompted me to do a theme for restaurants that even did better and  a theme for musicians that went through the roof.

One thing that did not always keep up with my growth is the expansion of my own web platform, and the time has finally come to do the right thing and establish my service platform as a place where my customers’ questions are answered. was born as the final address for my brand.  I’m extremely proud of the design and the growing functionality of this site, and know that will serve the growing community of users of my themes with a plethora of added benefits that’s always as unique and flavorful as the themes I create.