Google seems unable to find the address given on its map How can I fix this.

One of the reasons that maps sometimes goes Haywire is due to naming conventions. Here we are not referring to naming conventions as coding conventions, but simply the way that we like to refer to an address ans opposed to the way that Google refers to an address.

Why The difference?

I live in the sunny suburb of Florida Glen. It’s a small suburb that is a part of the area that everyone in our city know as Florida. Problem with florida glen, is that it’s on the other side of the highway as the rest of Florida, so it confuses people who will drive to Florida, and then not find my place.

I am however on the border of the suburb Northcliff, and i tell people that I stay in Northcliff and everyone is happy and know where I stay and how to get there. If you search for me in Northcliff on Google maps however. you will not find me because to Google my street is not in Northcliff but Florida Glen.

What happens?

Lets take the followng address:

2/617-621 Young St Albury NSW

The address is correct and is registered with the authorities as such but when you search for it at google maps you get the following reply:

From the image you can clearly see that Google are unsure about the address and in stead of a reply it offers suggestions.

After playing around we realized that the number 2 in front of the address unknown to Google and we changed the address to:

617-621 Young St Albury NSW

From the screenshot you can see that Google finds the answer immediately and returns the correct address.


Whenever you get a map error returned, go to Google maps and try the address and see if it’s recognized by Google maps.