How could i change the terminoligy for the countdown timer in the Feast Theme

Changing the terminology for the countdown timer in the feast theme is quite easy.

Lets first locate the file that we need to change. You will find the meta-box-extended-functions.php file in the options folder of your theme.

around line 360 of the meta-box-extended-functions.php file you will find the get_for_timer_function and around line 390 you will find the term that you can change:

$output .= '<div class="announce"><span>' .  __('Next show in', 'feast') . '</span></div><div class="arrow-left"></div><div class="time" contents="' . $offset  .'" rel="' . $cal_the_entry['strdate'] . '"></div>';

you need to change the

'Next show in'

Do not forget the brackets it needs to stay in place.