My Mp3 files does not play in Google Chrome browser but works fine in all other browsers.

Occasionally we have found reports that some mp3’s in the Google Chromium browser does not always play as is expected. Previously we were dumbfounded by this but have now found a confirmed bug in the cromium browser that is caused by the way that artwork and metadata is recorded in the mp3 file.

A few solutions that we have for the mp3 files to bypass the bug was the following:

Make the mp3’s shorter.

One cure that was found was to make the mp3’s shorter and limit the size to 2.5 megabytes. This is effective because as the cd’s are shortened the metadata is stripped, and the mp3’s start to play.

Strip the metadata from the mp3 files.

When Mp3 files are ripped and encoded important information is encoded with it. Info such as Song name, Artist, track name and even the cd artwork is encoded in the front of the mp3. The result is that “Varnish” the mp3 encoder in the chrome web browser will read the metadata and if the metadata is too big, come to the conclusion that there’s no music encoded, and then things becomes erratic.

The best solution to remedy this is t ostrip the mp3 of all metadata as discussed here

The Cromium bug and the discussion thereof can be viewed here